About us

We are a manufacturer and an online retailer of African hair products and hair accessories based in Finland.

So, where can you buy our products?

Currently, you can buy all of our products from our online store

It is said that beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. This is something we endorse. We swear by the power of self-appreciation to help people feel good, build confidence, find their community, and simply enjoy every moment every day. We work hard to provide you with the utmost value while maintaining the highest standards of quality, selection, and convenience.

"What you desire is what we are here to offer. We draw our inspiration from the African beauty community and aim to be pioneers of many beautiful things to come. We are committed to staying current in your life, always devoted to helping you find the things you want."

Professionals with a variety of talents from diverse backgrounds create our products. They have all contributed their distinct perspectives, experiences, and skill sets to produce stunning end results that we are proud to present to you. Our hair and wig specialists are committed to providing you with consistently high-quality, up-to-date styles.